- New Science in old markets -



How HED predicts markets is a 14 minute tour of our current methods, illustrated with animations, cartoons and diagrams. We show how the dynamics of the crowd determine many market moves and how we read and predict them. There is no scientific or other jargon and this is aimed to entertain and inform, as are all our videos.

HED - Coping with markets is a 39 minute history of markets and ways to look at them since the beginning of agricultural trading in 3000 BC. It includes items from Babylon, Japan, Europe and the United States and shows how there is a common thread running through these periods and cultures - the importance of mood or 'sentiment'.

Markets seen in 3-D is a 3½ minute video that shows how viewing both market prices and analysis is greatly improved by using more than the usual 'flat' two dimensional display. This clip shows examples from our project to develop our new 3-D visualisation tool. This is now under 'beta test'