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Signs of life in real estate and energy prices

We have been watching for clues about the next major market moves, as usual. There have been some positive developments in stocks as reported in the last few editions - bottom extensions in a couple of European national indices and a couple of US sector indices but the main US indices have had trouble moving away from the congestion zone of current prices. Now we have seen a few more weekly-scale compressions, not only in an important Real Estate ETF but in two energy contracts too. All are currently breaking higher, meaning that a new upmove of some few months duration may be starting here. We say may be, as these are weekly signals and any move should start with a closing break at week's end - two days from now. Watch carefully in the next 48 hours as markets may be sliding off this knife-edge in the direction of higher prices:

NatG Rbob, REIT wkly comps