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Equities – compressions form but have not (quite) yet broken down

The drop in equity markets yesterday after the minutes of a recent Federal reserve meeting confirmed that some tightening is happening (really?) has set markets up for a possible further fall. We have been negative on US markets in particular for some weeks, with the exception of the Nasdaq. Our advice has been to sell the S&P and Dow on rallies while buying the Nasdaq on dips. The S&P made its rally high over a month ago, while the Nasdaq made a new high yesterday. We are changing that advice now.

There have been compressions in several US indices in the past 48 hours. Some of these broke downward yesterday and so a downtrend may have already begun. This is not yet clear however as the story in these pictures reveals:

US & FTSE daily comps

It is not enough for one or two minor index compressions to break downward for a bear move to develop - this is a tightly range-bound environment in which compressions come and go. We would normally expect a weekly-scale compression to form and break before we can tell which way the next move will be but these are just the daily-scale version.

Nonetheless, there has been that initial break down in the Russell 2000 and so we are now abandoning our 'buy Nasdaq dips' advice. If you are short the S&P or Dow (as we are) then stay short but be prepared to dive out if these multiple compressions eventually break upward.

If there is a down-move in progress, it will probably continue quickly so we advise particular vigilance over the next few days.

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