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Soya and wheat drop from compressions, corn also drops from an old one

Grains generally and soya in particular have been trading relatively quietly in recent weeks. There were compressions in corn that broke down in December and to which prices returned in the last few days, and now fresh compressions in soya beans and soya meal have formed and broken down:

Corn, beans, meal comps

There are similar compressions in wheat too - a December signal that broke down; a recent return to it but in this case another compression that has also broken down today. The odd one out is soya oil where a compression formed last Friday and broke upward.

Wheat and soyaoil comps

On balance, these markets seem to be resuming down-moves. Sell short and choose which ones as you please. The newer compressions are in soya and soya meal but the corn and wheat pictures are also compelling as there have been returns to compressions that often precede the 'main move'.