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Precious metals compressed – could be breaking upward

The three main precious metals have all compressed in recent weeks but have yet to break. These compressions are all at a daily-scale, as the recent period of sideways price movement has not yet been long enough to produce a weekly or monthly version. The drop into early November just before the present trading ranges formed did end with a weekly scale bottom extension in silver futures (not shown) but this signal is too old to rely on now. There were also bottom extensions in gold and platinum at the lows of March, as ringed in red, but these were at a daily scale and so have also lapsed.

There is some sign of a break upward from these recent compressions in the silver market so far today, so this is worth watching closely - we will want to issue a 'buy' in one or more of these metals if any upward break is confirmed by the end of the day in any of them. This will be the case for the next several days, so if you see that prices are obviously above these levels as the end of trading approaches any day this week or next, don't wait to hear from us - buy immediately. Do please wait until late in the day however, as prices can swing wildly and an apparent early break can fade away by the laste session.

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