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Sell Cocoa, Updates to Copper, S&P


A formation that we often see is a return to compression where it offers another chance to enter a trade in the original direction of the break. Cocoa compressed on the 16th Jan and broke down to produce a bottom extension on the 29th Jan. Since then prices have risen back to the compression. This offers a relatively safe trade on the short side. May Cocoa can now be sold, the partial profit-take zone is 2812, the stop at 3024.




The long Mar Copper trade has reached the 15 day timeout and this allows us to review the trade. We have not approached the partial profit-take zone so see no reason to keep this trade. The long Mar Copper position can be liquidated towards the end of today's trading session.


A misprint earlier. The stop for the long mar s&p emini futures should be at 1940.