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Turn update through the end of January

Here is a rather thinly populated turn schedule. There have not been many turns expected since the end of the last schedule, published in the October 6th edition. There are a few scattered over the next few weeks but the schedule at this time of year is always distorted by the impending end of the year. This has the effect of producing a torrent of turns either side of January 1st but they rarely have any market significance - possibly because the end-year equity market rally is now so widely expected that it generally happens, which distorts the underlying cycles. This settles down soon after new year but until then we will not rely much on these dates:

Turns Dec10-Jan28 2015

The significance of any turn is greatly increased if it coincides with an extension or compression signal of course - this remains the same at all times of year.

For new readers, the basis of these turns is explained in the summary and full userguides.