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New compressions in Stocks, Notes. Value line moving up

There were compressions in US ten-year notes and some equity indices yesterday. The Italian index shown below is now breaking up and calls into question the short positions recommended in Italy and France on the 4th November. At least tighten protective stops and be prepared to jump out if today's break looks as if it will be confirmed by the close.
ten yr, Italy, valug
The all-important Value line weekly compression that we have mentioned many times has now seemingly also broken upward although we can't say for sure until the week ends (today). In the meantime, our sole attempt to sell the S&P in recent days was already stopped out this morning at 2059 - we may now be looking at the last stages of this long bull market and that could easily be a steep final ascent.
This obviously has implications for bonds and notes and this fresh note compression may lead to the next opportunity to sell - if it breaks downward. Wait and watch.