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Turn update from Sept 9th

Here is the schedule of upcoming market turns from today onward. For interpretation of these turns, see our user guide on the website or wait for us to write about them as they arrive in the newsletter.

There is a grade 2 equity turn due today the 9th September, mostly from the US and Europe but with a fair contribution from Asia too, including both India and China. This coincides with turns in energy and precious metals today and so it may be the turn that so often comes soon after Labor Day and determines what will happen for the next few months.

Next, there is another smaller (grade 3) equity turn next week that is hard to read. There are some US turns due on Tuesday the 17th September and a tight cluster in Europe two days later on Thursday 19th that probably mark the same event – we can never tell if this is a diffuse cluster of turns that could come at any time in this approximate period or two different events that are closely spaced. This is fertile ground for a chicane - see the user guide for a definition. Nothing is due from Asia in this period.

There is also an energy turn due at the same time as the US part of this equity turn on Tuesday 17th that lends some weight to the idea that these might be two different turns.

Bonds have a small diffuse turn due this week but it is too spread-out from Monday to Thursday to be useful.

Next along is another small (grade 3) equity turn that occurs mainly in US markets on Monday/Tuesday the 23rd/24th September. There is a slightly higher chance that this will come on the Tuesday and there is a small contribution from Asia

There is a promising bond turn due the week after on October 3rd but nothing in equity markets until the next Monday 7th October when there is a grade 2 turn in US and Asian equities and a small turn also due in bonds that day or the next Tuesday 8th October. There is a large Natural Gas turn on the 7th too and some grain turns.

There is a more general (but small) energy turn later that week on the 10th October along with yet more grain turns – this looks like a chicane is due in grains that week.

This fairly quiet period comes to an end on the 17th October when a large equity turn arrives from the US and Europe with only a very small contribution from Asia. This may be a full grade 1 turn and certainly would be if there were more to see in Asia. There is a medium-sized bond turn at the same time, gold and platinum turns and a turn in soya beans.

Later in the month of October there are even more stock turns as we will report nearer the time.