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Turns for July 2013

There are a few turns expected in the next few weeks.

As already warned, there should be a grade 2 equity turn next Monday the 8th July, together with turns due in grains and precious metals. This is the first turn date expected after the US 4th July holiday, so could conceivably come a day early, on Friday 5th.

About a week later there is a solitary bond turn due on Friday the 12th July that may not mean much but it derives from one of our very long-term data series, so is worth noting.

We expect lots of commodity turns on Monday 15th/Tuesday 16th, starting with soya beans, soya products and energy on the first day. Metals and the rest of the grains should turn the day after but there is quite a bit of blurring between the two days, meaning that they all may turn on the same day (on either date).

This also marks the start of a large (grade 1) but diffuse equity turn that spreads over the three days 16th/17th/18th July in all regions. This is centred on the middle day, Wednesday the 17th, but the accuracy of all these turns is 'plus or minus one day' anyway so watch out around mid-week.

There is a precious metals turn due the next day Thursday 18th July, that may (obviously) be part of the same turn event.

Equities get a bit quieter for the rest of the month until a small (grade 3) turn on Thursday 25th/Friday 26th and things get busier again in August.

We need to calculate a few more turns before reporting again, so this forecast ends on that last turn on the 25th/26th Juy.

More of these turns soon.