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Turn schedule update

Here is a list of turns coming up in the next few weeks. To remind you, we analyse the underlying cycles that come to exist in all open markets then look forward to see when highs and lows are likely in the future. When we see that a substantial number of these are clustered on the same date we alert you of an impending turn - meaning that markets will make a high or a low on or about that day. We score from the strongest (grade 1) to the weakest (grade 3) but all are important.

The world’s equity markets are currently passing through a period in which turns are quite tightly-spaced, which always means greater volatility, as warned.

There is quite a big grade 2 (almost a grade 1) equity turn due tomorrow the 29th May, from all parts of the world with a small possibility that today could be the day instead. There is also a long-term Dow turn due tomorrow and an unusually large number of currency turns. Grains are also due to experience a cluster of turns tomorrow, as is natural gas, although it is the only energy market.

A full grade 1 equity turn is due on Tuesday June 4th with some slight spill-over a day either side. Yet another Dow long-term turn is due the next day, June 5th, together with a bond turn. This equity turn is only a European and US affair with no contribution from indices in the East. There is a small energy turn due on the 5th June too.

Another big equity turn comes soon after on the 13th June. This is restricted to US indices only but is nonetheless still a grade 2. An energy turn (crude, heating oil and Rbob) occurs on the same day.

Things calm down a bit after that, with a bond turn due on midsummer’s day the 21st June and a more modest grade 3 equity turn coming soon after on Monday the 24th June.