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Upcoming market turns

Here is an update to the turn schedule. We have been passing through a period with few turns and those that there have been were small. That is about to change as we move through late April into May - the strength and frequency of turns both increase. That means more volatility which suits us well here at HED (we expect to catch these upcoming highs and lows) but may be uncomfortable if your rules of engagement mean that you are not able to trade very often.

April 10th-12th (right now) A small turn (i.e.  grade 3) in US equities. This is not very well defined and is concentrated on Wednesday and Thursday of this last week. We can’t see what it means – perhaps it was the break-up from compressions or maybe we are making an unexpected high point in the rally already. One of the components is a long-term Dow turn, due today. These are more important than any other individual turns. There is also a long-term bond turn due this week – the likely date was yesterday the 11th.

April 15th Some small equity turns only in the far East - not even a grade 3 but things are lively there and this may mark a local turn. Lots of energy, metals and grain turns too.

April 17th A bond turn in the US and Europe.  No equity turns anywhere.

April 19th-23rd A bigger (grade 2) equity turn due across this weekend, stating on Friday the 19th. This is mostly a US affair but there are a few components from Europe and the Pacific rim/Asia.

May 8th and May 10th Two large equity turns on this Wednesday and Thursday. If they mark the same event then it will be a full grade 1. If they are separate, then a large 2-day ‘swerve’ may occur as the markets swing from a high to a low or vice-versa. Be very careful here. There is a bond turn between the two dates on May 9th and a European cluster the day before on May 7th. There is nothing scheduled for the far-East.

May 16th/17th. A rather diffuse energy turn that might even start on Wednesday the 15th.

May 24th A grade 2 equity turn in the US on this Friday. There is a European cluster earlier in the week on Tuesday 21st and a Dow long-term turn on the 22nd. There is another energy turn also due on the 24th. It will be a busy week again and this pace continues through June.