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Wheat and Yen extend, bonds find support

Many Japanese Yen currency pairs extended yesterday, meaning that it is now cheap against the other currencies:

So buying some Yen hereabouts seems like a good idea - we will follow and advise as the story unfolds.

Wheat made bottom extensions yesterday, in the nearer months. This has the usual meaning – the current decline should end hereabouts and a rally is likely. As we think that Wheat is in a trading range anyway (see Dec 10th edition) it makes sense to buy some here.

Elsewhere bonds have dipped yet more and now are a definite buy - they have come down all the way to the weekly-scale compressions that should provide very good support.

As we have been saying, a fresh bond rally could provide some upward impetus to stocks, thus breaking the current relationship that means (US) stocks go up as bonds go down and vice-versa.