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Commodities show some life

There have been encouraging signs for bulls in some commodity markets. Starting with a couple of indices that we follow, compressions are stating to break upward:

Comm index comp breaks

In addition, wheat broke upward from daily-scale compressions yesterday, and pullbacks can be bought (today's early dip, for example). Crude oil compressed and moved up some days ago and is now hovering just above the compressed levels. This too looks bullish, but heating oil hasn't yet joined in, so it might be better to wait a short while before deciding to buy energy:

Wheat and Crude daily comps brk
Other markets have yet to break. As mentioned above, Heating oil has compressed but Sugar has too, meaning that all are poised to move, so we are watching closely. AS we write, Copper is breaking upward and we would buy that 'at market':

HO, Copp, Sug comps


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